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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 23, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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pickup truck similar to this one. there were witnesses to the crime. if you have information on his whereabouts you are to call the san jose police department. a developing story from san francisco. a shooting at a nightclub near at&t park this morning. it happened at a club called 330 rich which is the club's address. the investigators are looking at surveillance footage from nearby businesses. one man is in critical condition and two have nonlife threatening injuries. santa clara county had a program for gang members and former gang members. teens dropped off clothing and shoes and small weapons. it is part of the third annual unit day. at the reed hill view airport more than 500 handguns, shotguns and rifles were collected. the founder of eastside heroes
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say that the dropoff is in response to gang violence in the area. >> the part of the event is gang attire turn in as well as pocket knives and brass knuckles that the kids are motivated to bring in. we had the middle schooler drop off 20 gang-related items. >> a peace walk through the neighborhood followed the event. the zip code has the highest number of gang related arrests in the city. it was a historic meeting that was never seen before and may never be seen again. for the first time in castle gondolfo the two popes met. >> they embraced in one of the many moving moments in this
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historic meeting. they moved on to a private chapel. there was a private stool reserved for the popes to pray. we are brothers and will pray together. they did kneeling on the same stool. they moved on to the library where pope francis offered and presented benedict xvi with an icon saying you are the first person i thought of when i saw it. and they moved on to an informal meeting. the pope went back to vatican city where pope benedict xvi will retire. on tuesday the u.s. supreme court will take up the issue of same-sex marriage.
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it's something the catholic church strongly opposes. we sat down with archbishop card leone. >> he says he feels misunderstood by many in san francisco who support gay rights. >> what is debated is two ideas of marriage that cannot co-exist in the law. >> reporter: since being named archbishop of san francisco, he has faced criticism when he speaks out on gay marriage. the most recent is when he told the catholic newspaper that legalizing same-sex marriage is akin to legalizing male
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breast-feeding. >> what i'm trying to demonstrate is that it's something that exists in nature. and it would be legislating something that's contrary to nature. >> reporter: he chairs a committee of american bishops dedicated to traditional marriage. he thinks that gay people can be made straight and legalizing gay marriage could lead to polygamy. >> if you don't need a man and a woman, why only two? what is the basis for only two? >> reporter: he knows gay individuals but doesn't personally know any gay couples such as the plaintiffs before the supreme court who have four children. >> there should be a permanent legal solution to this problem. >> reporter: they say the case is not just about their rights a as couple but as their family. >> it's important for children
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to grow up feeling they have the same protections and are equal. they don't have to worry about being second class citizens. >> it's not a denial that two parents of a same sex cannot love a child in their home. but there's one thing they can't give the children and that is a mother or a father. >> reporter: and polls show that attitudes have changed radically with the majority of americans favoring same-sex marriage. no matter what happens on tuesday, the archbishop is calling for a civil debate. monte frances, nbc bay area news. coming up at 6:00, the u.s. senate passes its version of budget cuts. we'll let you know some of the programs getting trimmed. and why many bay area landmarks will be turning the lights out tonight. the sharks trying to stay in the playoff race. we'll let you know how they did coming up.
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the u.s. senate approved the first budget in four years. but now they have to combine with the the house version and the sequester cuts kick in soon. bryan moore has more. >> reporter: after wowing the crowd in the florida keys the blue angels are getting their wings clipped. like just about everyone else they are preparing for the new normal of the automatic budget
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cuts known as the sequester. >> and the concurrent resolution is agreed to. >> reporter: the senate passed a budget bill to guide future spending. >> i know everyone is exhausted. and you may not feel it at the moment but this is one of the senate's finest days in recent years. >> reporter: but the house has a bill that cuts an additional $5 trillion and now they have to haggle over differences. both sides agreed on a resolution to keep the government running through september. lawmakers found enough money to stop furloughs in the armed services, border patrol and meat inspectors. but many people who work for the government are getting ready for serious belt tightening. the faa is shutting down 149 air traffic control towers at small airports. in richmond, virginia civilians
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protested the cuts, cuts no one seems to like but no one is able to stop. brian mooar, nbc news, president obama just returned to the u.s. after wrapping up a trip to the middle east. he visited jordan before departing from ahman. jordan was the last stop on the first-day trip to israel and palestinian territories. and coming up next at 6:00 the controversial decision to reopen a racetrack a week after a crash took the lives of two people. why officials say they had no choice. after a mild day in the bay area we are talking about temperatures that will be similar tomorrow. 70s in the forecast. but there is rain ahead. a series of storms we are watching that will offer much-needed rain. we're back with the details. launch sequence initiated.
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ready to race again. marysville raceway park 45 north of sacramento will host a race a week after a deadly crash there. hundreds of fans are expected to fill the stands as race cars will fly around the track. last week two people were killed when a car driven by johnson's cousin lost control and crashed into the pit area. the decision to go ahead with the race has been controversial but officials say it's impossible to reschedule the race. the track will honor the lives of the victims with a moment of silence before the race. the first grader at river
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glenn battling leukemia is desperately in need of a bone marrow donor. eduardo was not able to attend the event because he went into remission last night. he won't be eligible for a transplant procedure. >> a lot of people that came don't know the family. they brought food to sell and hot dogs and everybody came with an open heart and they donated as much as they could and they have been here the whole morning. >> the family is hopeful and looking for a latino donor. all it takes to get tested is a cheek swab and you feel out a couple pieces of paperwork and are on your way. millions of people concerned about the environment will be turning out their lights from 8:30 to 9:30 tonight. landmarks and homes will go dark
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to make a statement about the concern over climate change. the bay area will participate in a big way. san francisco was named the earth hour couple this year. the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge and city hall expected to go dark from 8:30 to 9:30 tonight. now here is more about the weather tonight and this wet week coming up. >> thinking about the earth hour. good thing we don't have fog moving in. that could be tricky. but mother nature is offering beautiful blue skies today. the temperatures falling from the 70s. 70 in gilroy today. up to 74 degrees. everywhere else is 50s and 60s. let's go outside and look at san francisco. from our emeriville camera. you can see the haze in the air. the air quality is suffering. we need the rain to clear out
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the allergens here's what we have going on in the pacific. we have a series of storms starting to pull into place. right along the jet stream hay will continue to move to the east-northeast. that will put us in the path of these storms. by midweek the first system will arrive and the next one on its tail will arrive for the weekend. what we will notice is a humid air mass moving in. a lot of subtropical air. the dew points will be high and a lot of cloud cover and that means rain. showers on wednesday but only trace amounts to a tenth of an inch. then our attention turns for the weekend to this next system that will be slower. we are looking at a little more rainfall but unfortunately this is not going to be a major storm system. this is what the computer models think as far as how much rain we are expecting for wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday and these amounts are very
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minute. we are talking about a tenth of an inch in the south bay. the storm system will not offer a lot of rain but more cloud cover than anything else. the temperatures tonight fall back into the 40s. a few upper 30s. the sunrise around 7:00. in the south bay tomorrow the temperatures warmer. a lot of blue sky expected. 70 in danville. the temperatures cooler in the coast but a lot of 70s in wine country. 72 in santa rosa. oakland at 70 for the running festival tomorrow that kicks off at 7:30. we have a few of our own running tomorrow. the forecast shows the rain showers in place for wednesday. unfortunately again this is not going to be a big storm system. that on and off again mist activity we are used to seeing this time of year. we get into the june gloom when
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we get into june. this is a precursor if you will. >> i'm not sure this even qualifies as a little storm. >> we could name it. >> keep it clean. we'll be right back.
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the bells at the notre dame cathedral are tolling a different tune. did you notice? new bells from the cathedral in paris made their first official ring today. the sound of the ten new bells marks the beginning of holy week celebrations. the cathedral's four former bells were put in in the 1850s. the new bells are expected to chime for the next 250 to 300 years. notre dame celebrated its 850th anniversary last year. west ham united will make the 2012 olympic stadium their new home. it is expected to move into the venue in time for the 2016-2017
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season. it will have a 54,000 capacity. finding a tenant to draw big crowds is vitale to ensure that the corner of east london got benefits from the billions of dollars invested before the olympics. that's my sports report. let's get more from mindi bach. >> in the south bay, cal tips off against syracuse in 18 minutes. a trip to the sweet 16 is on the line. tim lincecum is looking to find his groove this spring. the a's are giving him plenty to think about. spring training highlights are next.
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6:40 is when the cal men's
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basketball team is set to tip off against syracuse. they have to get by the number 4 seed to reach the sweet 16 for the first time since 1997. scott reiss is down at the pavilion. what is the key to upsetting the orange tonight? >> you have two teams from good conferences and two historically good coaches. mike montgomery and jim bayheim have combined for over 1,700 victories which is the moment for two competing coaches in an ncaa tournament game. but regardless of pedigree the players have to execute and cal needs a big game from allen crabbe. >> i have grown over the years. people who know me as a shooter, you know, this year, i just tried to be more of a complete player and tried to put the ball on the floor more and get to the free throw line more.
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try to rebound more. and yeah. i guess i can say i'm trying to, you know, trying to fill out to be a complete player. >> he's had games where he really went off and being spectacular offensively. as time as gone on they have defended him better and put their best defender on him. they've got physical with him and it's been hard for him and sometimes hard for us. when he's able to get penetration like he was able to last night, then it makes everybody else better. >> cal just got a good omen, oregon blew out st. louis. the ducks a 12 seed playing a 4 seed. we'll see if cal can follow suit. thank you so much, scott. the a's and giants met for the
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second time this spring. this is not in scottsdale stadium. this is tim lincecum's fourth spring start. he was hammered by a blistered for most of the spring. bill gates on hand. tim lincecum with a 9.39 e.r.a. this spring. it just reached near 11. giants getting some of the lead back. pagan with his first game back since playing in the wbc. look at that. he would later score on a buster posey sacrifice fly. no outs, two on for sogaard. brandon belt a bright spot. he had seven of all the last regular season. but the giants lead big 12-5.
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sharks trying to hold on to the eighth spot in the west. the wild on the power play. and zack parise. sharks down 1-0. wild on another power play. sturgeon this time. the sharks lose 2-0. dwight powell and stanford versus alabama. aaron bright connects on the three but stanford with four points in the final five minutes. alabama will come right back. wide open for nick jacobs. stanford loses 66-54 and finish 19-15 this season. the cal women are on in the opening round of their tournament. cal-syracuse, the big game everyone will be watching in about 11:00 minutes. >> thanks, very much.
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quick final wrap of weather. you were talking of rain. >> wednesday we'll see a few showers. not a big storm system. just one of those systems where we get maybe a tenth to a quarter of an inch. get the umbrellas handy. another bright day expected tomorrow. >> thanks for choosing nbc bay area at 6:00. have a great evening. see you. you're watching an nbc bay area news special. tonight, we investigate -- >> the expectation the public has to be protected is not being served. >> pollution going unchecked the investigative unit examines the state agency.
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>> this raises questions we should go back and take a look at that. >> state senators calling for change and we uncover a conflict of interest involving top staffers. >> they say you have not answered questions about sexual harassment. >> the general in charge of the california national guard responds to our investigations. >> the resorts need to be accountable to their customers. >> a report card for ski resorts. the numbers you need to know before hitting the slopes. here's chief investigative reporter, tony kovaleski. >> tonight the investigative unit holds the powerful accountable with reporting that's making changes in the bay area. we begin with what some call a serious public health issue. the state agency responsible for checking companies handling hazardous waste is falling short
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on the job. it could be costing some communities their health. >> reporter: california has some of the strictest anti-pollution laws in the nation. but sources in the department of toxic substances control say the laws are ignored. >> the expectation the public has to be protected is not being served. >> reporter: they asked to be disguised but say they are breaking their silence because break downs are costing communities their health. >> people are getting sick. people are dying and the community members are crying out we're not doing near enough. >> they point to evergreen oil in newark. they recycle used motor oil. oil spills, explosions, major fires, including this one in 2011. we found hundreds of complaints stretching back to